In collaboration with the Federation of Royal Colleges of Physicians of the UK (JRCP), the College has published the second State of Physicianly Training Report for the UK. The first report was published in 2017 on a new national quality assurance framework developed for evaluating physicianly training using multiple key datasets.

This second report evaluates data using the same framework with comparison to the first report. Six key quality datasets across the now 30 physicianly specialties and three sub-specialties were evaluated nationally, by specialty and region. These were mapped against the General Medical Council (GMC) themes and standards of postgraduate medical education and training.

Four major themes were identified:

  • Rota gaps in the acute medical specialties affecting workload
  • Imbalance of service delivery of general internal medicine (GIM) affecting specialty training experience
  • Commissioning and re-design of services impacting on training
  • Single specialty issues affecting deliverability of curricula

The reports provide an evidence-based benchmark which will allow local education providers to review concerns, adopt highlighted areas of good practice and develop targeted action plans when assessing their own responsibility for driving improvements to training.

JRCP will continue to undertake its own programme of work to measure and enhance the quality of postgraduate medical education. If you have any comments about the report please email JRCP at


1. State of Physicianly Training Report for the UK can be read here

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