Prizes are awarded at the Clinical Lessons sessions at the Medical Trainees' Conference. One prize is awarded for the best Collegiate Member/Associate presentation and one for the best Student/Foundation Year Member presentation. 


Collegiate Members, Associate Members, Medical Students and Foundation Year Members of any of the UK Royal Colleges.

Application and Selection Process

Applications for this award are now closed.


Recent recipients

2009 Dr Indrani Bhattachayra, Dr Caroline Coats, Dr Claire Rooney, Dr Sarah Riley, Dr Sarah Turpin

2010 Dr Anjali Prasad

2011 Dr Lou Robinson

2012 Dr Sarah Yoon Ai NG, Dr Simon Ellis

2013 Dr Peter Fernandes, Dr Emily Ward, Dr Gideon Diamond

2014 Dr Liesbeth Van Look, Dr Fariha Naeem, Dr Kirsten MaGregor, Dr Josh Coats

2015 Ms Sugeeta Sukumar, Dr Andrew Degnan

2017 Dr Joanne Peters, Mr Ka Ting NG, Dr Rachel Knight, Dr Georgina Gullick & Dr Ross Hamblin, Ms Wei Fen Tay, Dr Jessica NG, Dr Nikita Agrawal

2018 Dr Wan Shun Wong

2019 Dr Goran Zangana

2020 Dr Kaitlin Mayne

Further Information

Any enquiries can be directed to Stephanie Hough 0131 247 3687.