The Symposium Committee oversees the College's rolling programme of specialty-specific symposia, with each specialty being covered at least once every four years.

For each symposium, a call goes out for an organising chair in that specialty, who then establishes an organising committee. Each organising committee includes the specialty representative from the Symposium Committee and reports back to the Symposium Committee, which reviews the submitted programme, and approves it once completed.

The Symposium Committee strives to ensure that equality and diversity are placed at the centre of all our symposia, and organising committees are asked specifically to be mindful of this when choosing a programme.

Approximately 16 symposia are held at the College annually, with the College’s flagship St Andrew's Day symposium held usually in late November or early December each year. Additionally, several symposia are also held in partnership/association with other Colleges/Associations.

Members on the Symposium Committee serve for a five-year term and vacancies are advertised.

If you have any questions or suggestions relating to our symposia, please e-mail Eileen Strawn at e.strawn@rcpe.ac.uk


Chair: Dr Peter Reid - Assistant Director of Education (Symposia) 

Secretary: Dr Jane Goddard - Secretary Symposia

  • Professor Derek Bell - President
  • Dr Clare Bostock - Specialty Rep. Medicine for the Elderly
  • Dr Ian Chan - Journal Associate Education Section Editor
  • Professor Andrew Collier - Specialty Rep. Diabetes & Endocrinology
  • Dr Graeme Currie - Journal Education Section Editor
  • Dr Andrew Flapan - Specialty Rep. Cardiology
  • Dr Elizabeth Grant - Specialty Rep. Global Health
  • Dr Elaine Henry - Specialty Rep. Gastroenterology
  • Dr Neil Hunter - Trainees and Members' Rep.
  • Dr Roberta James - SIGN Rep
  • Dr Claire Mackintosh - Specialty Rep. Infectious Diseases
  • Dr Conor Maguire - Director of Education
  • Dr Susan Pound - Vice President
  • Dr Vinod Ravindran - Editor-in-Chief, College Journal (JRCPE)
  • Dr Sarah Ross - Specialty Rep. Clinical Pharmacology
  • Professor Ian Russell - Specialty Rep. Public Health
  • Dr Colin Selby - Specialty Rep. Respiratory
  • Dr Alison Stillie - Specialty Rep. Oncology
  • Dr Nyo Nyo Tun - Trainees and Members' Rep.
  • Vacant - Specialty Rep. Neurology
  • Vacant - Specialty Rep. Palliative medicine