The College is proud to hold one of the largest medical history collections in the world and we work to share this heritage worldwide

Our Library

The College library holds over 70,000 books, including a copy of the first edition of the first book printed on medicine - the De Medicina of Celsus, published in 1478 -  and almost 1500 journals, some of which are particularly rare.  We also hold over 400 externally deposited manuscript collections concerning eminent scientists such as Joseph Black and William Cullen.

Physicians' Gallery

The College works with other institutions, historians, physicians and scientists to make the past, present and future of medicine accessible to everyone through the temporary exhibitions which take place in our Physicians' Gallery.


We also share stories from the history of medicine through online exhibitions, blogs, podcasts, articles and virtual tours.

Young People

We offer free resources for school students considering a career in medicine and have activities which use our historic collections to explore art, maths, biology - and much more.

Support Us

We do not receive government funding and all our exhibitions and digitisation resources are funded purely via donations rather than via the subscriptions of Fellows and Members or examination fees.

If you'd like to support the work which we do, you can donate to us via our Justgiving page.

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