The College is proud to hold one of the largest medical history collections in the world and we work to share this heritage worldwide.

Our Collections

We hold over 60,000 books, including a copy of the first edition of the first book printed on medicine - the De Medicina of Celsus, published in 1478 -  and almost 1500 journals, some of which are particularly rare.  We also hold over 400 externally deposited manuscript collections concerning eminent scientists such as Joseph Black and William Cullen.

As well as preserving these collections, we make them available to our members and to the public through digitisation projects and a range of events.

Heritage Events

The College holds regular history of medicine events, including talks, interactive events and tours

Many of the history events which the College holds are also recorded and made available online, for those unable to attend in person

Heritage Projects

The College carries out a wide range of heritage projects, to preserve our historical collections and make them available to people all over the world. Our most recent projects include:

The digitisation of the papers of the eighteenth century Scottish physician William Cullen

The digitisation of over 10,000 of the College's books