Black Lives Matter. For too long, inaction has characterised the response to the concerns raised by civil rights campaigners and protestors. Too often, peaceful protests have been met with ignorance and intolerance by some. We condemn the use of force against peaceful protests in no uncertain terms.  It is vital that our political leaders are receptive to those standing against racism and racial injustice. They, and political leaders everywhere must commit to ending racism and racial injustice.

There are issues which must be addressed in the UK, too. A recent Public Health England report into the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on BAME communities failed to investigate the reasons for the inequalities or make recommendations on how to address them. We welcome news that the Equality and Human Rights Commission will carry out an in-depth inquiry in to the disparities within ethnic minorities of Covid-19.

We are proud to represent a truly diverse community of 13,000 members across 100 nations. We are committed to promoting equality, diversity and inclusivity in the College, the health sector and beyond. We recognise we must do more to build an inclusive community, and effect change with dignity and respect for our BAME communities. We understand we must listen and learn.


Lisa Rooke

Contact: Lisa Rooke 0131 247 3688