The Quality Governance Collaborative was established in response to rising numbers of incidents of governance failings across healthcare in UK and the clear opportunity for an independent organisation such as RCPE to contribute to quality improvement. It is a highly relevant and timely initiative as Boards and organisations across the UK and internationally struggle with governance challenges.

The QGC has the capacity and expertise to carry out Governance focused; Board, Organisational, Clinical reviews and audits. All reviews and audits are by invitation only and will be organised and discussed on an individual bespoke basis.These invited works aim to directly support governance within and for health, social care and organisations who feel they would benefit from a quality governance focused review approach. While aligning to the QGC’s ambition to shape UK and International quality governance practise for the benefit of practitioners, patients, and beneficiaries.

For further information regarding the QGC Audit & Reviews process, please contact us at