Doctors respond to Audit Scotland report on the NHS in Scotland

The Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh has responded to Audit Scotland’s report on the NHS in Scotland.

Professor Andrew Elder, President of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh said:

We recognise the challenges highlighted in Audit Scotland’s report, and their call for reform of the NHS. But reform alone, in the absence of increased funding, will not save our NHS.

At the same time, it is legitimate to ask whether we can afford to provide every treatment available, free of charge and at the point of access. If we cannot – which is plausible given the huge increases in medical treatments available – how should we decide what we can provide?

In order to address these questions, the College believes that a national conversation is required in Scotland, during which the public should have its say on deciding the NHS’ priorities and whether they think more public funds should be diverted to the NHS.

While politicians will have their views, and doctors can and will wish to advise, the NHS belongs to the public and they must have the main say in its future direction.


Please find attached a copy of the Audit Scotland report. 

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