Photograph of Dr Brian ChapmanThe Brian Chapman Scholarship supports a delegate from a DfiD priority country[1] to attend the annual Edinburgh International Course in Medicine of the Older Adult. 

The world’s population is ageing with developing countries experiencing the most rapid increase in the number of older people. With this comes the challenge of managing associated chronic disease and morbidity. Many developing countries are ill-prepared for the predicted burden, not only due to scarce medical resources, but also because of a lack of health workers trained and skilled in the management of older patients.

The College is committed to helping to raise standards of healthcare globally. The International Course in Medicine of the Older Adult represents an opportunity for physicians from countries with limited old-age services not only to benefit from the educational programme, but also to network with colleagues from countries with greater experience of elderly medicine.

The scholarship is named in memory of the late Dr Brian Chapman, a distinguished Geriatrician in Edinburgh who made significant contributions to the International Course and to the work of the College  during his career.

What the scholarship will cover:

  • Travel costs (economy class travel)
  • Accommodation (in College)
  • Course fee
  • Reception and course dinner
  • Visa fee (the applicant will be responsible for obtaining the visa).


  • Must be presently based and working within a DfID (Department for International Development) priority country.[1]
  • Must be self-funding and not sponsored by another organisation.
  • Must be a fully qualified Medical Practitioner.
  • Must be able to describe how attendance at this course will contribute to the development of medicine of the elderly within their own clinical service and/or country.

Application and selection process

Applicants will be asked to provide contact details and complete the following short essay questions:

  1. Please describe the present healthcare challenges of an ageing population in the country you work in (250 words max)
  2. Please describe how attendance at this course will benefit the delivery of care to older adults within your own clinical service (250 words max)

Please have your answers prepared before applying online.

Applications for the 2018 Scholarship are now closed​.

Previous recipients

2017 winners

Dr Hein Yarzar Aung

Photograph of Dr Hein Yarzar Aung"It has been my great pleasure to attend such a kind of world-class conference; 2017 Edinburgh International Course in Medicine of the Older Adult, held at the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh during 22 May to 26 May. I am also very much delighted to be one of the winners of the very prestigious Brian Chapman Scholarship for the year 2017.

The course is very interesting and all the speakers are excellent. The carefully selected topics are very up to date and invaluable for the comprehensive management of geriatric patients. After attending the course, I gained a lot of knowledge regarding management of the frail patient with cardiovascular diseases, care of the frail patient in the acute hospital, interpretation of funny blood results in the frail patient, hospital at home program and delivering health care services in care homes as well. I also had a chance to meet and discuss with the other health care professionals all over the world who are interested in geriatric medicine.

The social programme including the Medical History Tour of Edinburgh was very wonderful and I enjoyed it a lot. We also had a great course dinner at one of the best restaurants in Edinburgh; good food, nice chats and so it will last forever in our memory. The credit should go to the course organizing committee and Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh as well. Unforgettable international course indeed!."

Dr Nirish Vaidya

Photograph of Dr Nirish Vaidya"I am currently a trainee in Internal Medicine in Nepal, a beautiful country in South Asia. The elderly problems in Nepal are apparently neglected. An increase in the size of the geriatric age group and related problems, few professionals trained in geriatric medicine and very little knowledge and services for the care of this age group have led to serious challenges for the new generation of physicians.

I had been provided the “Brian Chapman Scholarship” to attend the prestigious course in historic Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh this May. I would like to thank the college and Dr Dorothy Chapman for providing me this scholarship.

Right from the pick up from the airport to the last session of the course, the organizers left no stone unturned to make my stay in Edinburgh a comfortable and memorable one. The accommodation in the college was excellent. All the topics of the five-day course were up to date, informative, interactive and delivered by world class speakers. The topics discussed were very practical and related to the problems we face in daily clinical practice. I met delegates from all around the world, especially from Australia, Sweden, UK and Canada. We had very good interactions during the lectures and during the lunch and tea breaks, sharing our experiences and problems. A medical history tour led by Dr Smith and a course dinner with the delegates and speakers covered the social aspect of the course which will stay in the memory for long.

This course is not just for geriatricians. The topics and discussions were very useful to internists and General Practitioners as well and I highly recommend this to everyone. Overall, this has been an excellent course and I took back home a lot of knowledge about the care and treatment of the older adult as well as wonderful memories of my dream visit to the historic city of Edinburgh."

Dr Nhio Matambo - 2016 winner

Dr Nhio Matambo - Brian Chapman Scholarship winner 2016"I’m currently working as a senior registrar in general internal medicine at Harare central hospital in Zimbabwe. We have an increasing number of elderly patients coming into our hospitals every day and face challenges in terms of managing this important group of patients, especially the frail elderly. I am really grateful to the College having helped me to attend such an important course. I really enjoyed this very informative and educative course and would recommend it to anyone looking to add to their knowledge in the field of medicine of the elderly. The programme was awesome, with excellent, world class speakers who did not disappoint. I had an opportunity to meet with the great speakers who are experts in their fields and also to meet with doctors from across the globe. I’ve made friends with doctors from Australia, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Canada, New Zealand and Saudi Arabia, just to mention a few. I also had the opportunity to stay at the beautiful College accommodation which I will recommend to anyone visiting Edinburgh. I do feel I've really benefited a lot from attending this course having come from a background where I had not received any training in medicine of the older adult. I can now confidently manage my patients using the cutting edge information provided during the well-planned course.

"Thanks to the College once again for organizing such a powerful course and also to Dr Dorothy Chapman for presenting me with the Brian Chapman award."

Dr Harriet Nankabirwa - 2015 winner

Dr Harriet Nankabirwa  - Brian Chapman Scholarship winner 2015"I am a physician from Uganda where geriatric medicine is not developed both in the medical schools’ curricula and hospitals. We have no geriatricians in Uganda and most African countries, thus the older adults’ care is compromised.

"First of all, I would like to thank Brian Chapman Scholarship for giving me this great opportunity to attend the International course of medicine of the elderly. I would not have made it to Edinburgh without this generous support. I thank the course organisers for the prompt communication and excellent organisation. I had a very warm welcome right from the airport to the college and throughout my entire stay in Edinburgh. Thank you very much to the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh team.

"I was impressed by the interesting well-structured lectures and the practical sessions managed by experienced doctors. Each day had its own experience; I was also given an opportunity to make a case presentation from a resource-limited nation. This gave me an opportunity to meet and learn from other delegates whose medicine of the elderly is developed. The course covered all the geriatric syndromes or giants which mainly affect the older adults. This was a preamble to me of what I am most likely going to study as part of my future career development."



DfID priority countries

[1]  Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Burma, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Iraq, Jordan, Kenya, Kyrgyz Republic, Lebanon, Liberia, Malawi, Mozambique, Nepal, Nigeria, Occupied Palestinian Territories, Pakistan, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Africa, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Uganda, Yemen, Zambia and Zimbabwe.