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D Doyle
Journal Issue: 
Volume 35: Issue 1: 2005




For the last nine years of his life Adolf Hitler, a lifelong hypochondriac had as his physician Dr Theodor Morell.  Hitler's mood swings, Parkinson’s disease, gastro-intestinal  symptoms, skin  problems  and  steady  decline  until  his  suicide  in 1945 are documented by reliable observers and historians, and in Morell’s diaries. The  bizarre  and  unorthodox  medications  given  to  Hitler, often  for  undisclosed reasons,  include  topical  cocaine,  injected  amphetamines,  glucose,  testosterone, estradiol, and corticosteriods.  In addition, he was given a preparation made from a gun cleaner, a compound of strychnine and atropine, an extract of seminal vesicles, and  numerous  vitamins  and  ‘tonics’.   It  seems  possible  that  some  of  Hitler’s behaviour, illnesses, and suffering can be attributed to his medical care. Whether he blindly accepted such unorthodox medications or demanded them is unclear.