General Medicine
Designatory Letters: 
BSc Lahore 1958, MB Lahore 1959, MRCP Edin 1967, BA Lahore 1969, Fellowship 1994

Dr Khaliq was born in 1935 in the Punjab, qualified MB BS. at Lahore in 1959 and started work in Rawalpindi. Keen to gain his MRCP but without the means to do so he worked in Yemen until 1962 eventually saving sufficient money to go to the UK (1963-68) with his wife and son, gaining his MRCP in 1967, with specialist interest in cardiac and respiratory diseases, having worked in Liverpool, Hemlington near Middlesburgh, Coventry and London.

Returning home in 1969 he worked in Islamabad and, in the following year, opened his own highly successful polyclinic in Rawalpindi, making himself available at all times of day and night to see his patients, and enjoying lecturing to students in the army medical college in Rawalpindi, an exemplar of the dedicated, caring physician. He was recognised as such and honoured with the FRCP Edin in 1994.

Early in his career he developed a deep and lasting interest in economics and political science and whilst studying in London would sit and listen to the Wednesday afternoon debates in the House of Commons, Westminster. Back home in Pakistan he entered politics, eventually becoming Minister of Education in1972 resigning in 1977, disappointed and disillusioned with the political system but never did he lose his deep love of medicine. Even whilst holding political office he continued to work as a medical specialist, opened two new medical colleges, and did everything possible to attract students into medicine.

In every sense he was a polymath. Not only was he a skilled physician, politician and pioneer, he was a linguist (English, Latin, Arabic and Persian), a poet writing in both English and Latin, an author of papers and books including an autobiography and, last but not least, an inveterate traveller. His family recall with happiness being with him in the UK, N. America, China, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and most of the countries of Europe. Wherever they went he tried to capture the essence of the country, whether it was horse riding or its culinary delights.

Retirement was not for him. He died on 9th October 2004, having fulfilled all his dreams and ambitions. He will be remembered and honoured as a loving father, a dedicated medical specialist, a committed educator, a profound thinker and a wonderful example to students and junior doctors alike. We join with his family in honouring his memory.

(Written with the kind assistance of his family)