Scotland at Risk of Producing Generation of Inadequately Trained Doctors & Compromising Patient Safety

RCPE Press Release

30 March 2011

In an unprecedented step, the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh (RCPE) has issued a warning that Scotland is in danger of creating a generation of inadequately trained doctors and, in turn, potentially compromising patient safety unless urgent action is taken by the incoming Scottish Government.

NHS In Scotland Could Save Significant Resources By Adopting More Targeted Approach To Screening

RCPE Press Release

10 March 2011

A leading UK research scientist will today (10 March 2011) present data showing that the Scottish and UK Governments could save “significant resources” by adopting a more targeted approach to screening for the risk of heart disease and diabetes than the increasingly favoured governmental strategies of universal health checks.

Doctors Urge Heightened Vigilance For Sudden Cardiac Death in Young People

RCPE Press Release

23 November 2010

Doctors meeting at a conference organised by the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh (RCPE), will, today (Tuesday 23 November 2010), urge the public and medical staff to be much more vigilant in seeking to prevent sudden cardiac death in children and young people – a ‘hidden’ disease which causes an estimated 600 sudden deaths in children and young people in the UK each year.

RCPE UK Consensus Statement on Diabetes

RCPE Press Release

18 May 2010

Medical Experts Call For Legislation to Ban Advertising of Unhealthy Food, as Diabetes Increases

A group of over 100 diabetes experts from across Scotland and the UK has called for legislative action to ban all forms of advertising of unhealthy foods to children in order to reduce increasing obesity levels and, in turn, the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.