Dr Syed Kamaluddin Ahmed FRCP Edin

(Contributed by Dr Lutfun Nisa, wife of Professor Ahmed)

Dr Syed Kamaluddin passed away on Wednesday 21 December, 2011. He was 58 years old and died from illness related to stomach cancer. At the time of his death Dr Ahmed held the position of Professor of Psychiatry at the Holy Family Red Crescent Medical College in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Volume 42: Issue 1: 2012

This issue starts with two editorials which challenge medical practices. The first explores the sensitive transition from paediatric to adult healthcare; the second stresses the paramount importance of consultants making effective diagnostic decisions themselves, rather than referring for someone else to do so. This highlights that the interface between specialists is often both interesting and problematic; nowhere more so than between palliative care specialists and their hospital colleagues (page 8) or between ambulance and emergency services and the wards (page 36).

Volume 42: Issue 2: 2012

We hope that every issue contains papers with the medical variety and interest to appeal to our international readership, inspire other quality contributions and generate debate.In this issue Professor Luft and colleagues will perhaps cause controversy by asking for Sir William Osler’s support from beyond the grave. Would Osler have used his budget to fund clinically unnecessary tests if the results might have had educational and academic interest?

Eastern Region

Consultant Nephrologist

East Suffolk North Essex NHS Foundation Trust

I am a consultant nephrologist with a special interest in teaching and training. I am Honorary Senior Lecturer at University of East Anglia. In addition, I have interest and roles in genomics and quality improvement.