RCPE Trainees’ Comment on Shape of Training Report: parallel expansion of general and specialty medicine required

RCPE Trainees & Members’ Committee Press Release
29 October 2013

Dr Rosemary Hollick, Chair of the RCPE Trainees & Members’ Committee, said,

“The RCPE Trainees & Members’ Committee contributed fully to the Shape of Training review, through the submission of written evidence and presentation of oral evidence based upon the concerns of our members [1]”.

Volume 43: Issue 3: 2013

All journals must evolve to maintain and extend the interests of their readers. Ours is no exception; we aim to publish stimulating articles on clinical research, medical history and education. All three elements require original articles that are timely, well-planned, evidence-based and clearly documented. Especially relevant at present are good medical practices in the NHS, both new and old. Doctors eligible for the annual Senior Fellows Club prize could well tackle such topics and publicise the value of well-conducted studies.

Make your career in medicine

Access our new resource to learn about the range of opportunities.The RCPE believes that careers in the medical specialties can be very rewarding professionally and is keen to encourage more doctors to make their careers in medicine. However, we recognise it can be difficult to gain an accurate understanding of the medical specialties and how they compare before committing to a specialty. We also appreciate that it can be difficult to change specialty once you have committed to it.

Elderly Patients Must be Protected From Unnecessary Ward Moves to Increase Chances of Living Independently

RCPE Press Release 29 July 2013

Commenting on the editorial on the need to reduce unnecessary bed moves in the elderly, written by leading researchers at the University of Dundee and published online in the Age and Ageing medical journal today , (29 July 2013)[1], Dr Neil Dewhurst, President of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh (RCPE), said,