What's your poison?

Take a behind-the-scenes tour of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh and discover the fascinating history of poisons.

From experimental ancients to murderous Victorians, we uncover the history of poison panics, exotic antidotes and accidental arsenic ingestion.

What if there was poison in your shoes? Your hair? Your water? Your lunch? The College’s fascinating early medical texts and illustrations will show how the past was fraught with peril at every step.

Presented in collaboration with the Royal Pharmaceutical Society

Dr Habenom Gedey

I’m a family physician who has training and working experience in pain and mental health management in a public and private health care setup. My current role is an associate at Neuromed Clinic Dublin providing neuromodulation services to different neurological disorders. I have completed an MSc in internal medicine through RCPE/University of Edinburgh college of medicine. Other work includes pain management from University of Alberta Rehabilitation Medicine, teaching medicine from Harvard Medical school, and a professional diploma in ObsGyn and WH from RCPI.

Prof Angela Thomas

I have been a Fellow of the College for nearly 30 years and have seen the very slow evolution of membership diversity and opportunity. Momentum is gathering with raised awareness which should facilitate growth in diversity, progress in equality and increased visibility of what has been achieved to encourage people to participate.

Prof Shivaram Prasad Singh

My name is Shivaram Prasad Singh and I retired from SCB Medical College where I was Head of Gastroenterology Department for over 2 decades. Currently I am Chairman of an educational Trust, Kalinga Gastroenterology Foundation.

In my career, I aspire to be a catalyst for greater involvement and participation by women in the field of gastroenterology/hepatology in South Asia. 

Dr Conor Maguire

I am Conor Maguire, a Consultant Geriatrician in Edinburgh, and the Vice President (International) at RCPE. I have had a keen interest in promoting equality, diversity and inclusion in the healthcare workforce through my entire career having witnessed, and experienced, discriminatory behaviour towards those with both visible and hidden characteristics.

I have been a member of the RCPE EDI committee since its inception, and am a member of the NHS Lothian LGBTQ+ staff network.