Dr Umesh Dashora
East Sussex, Kent, Surrey, West Sussex, Hampshire, Isle of Wight

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Consultant, Endocrinology and Diabetes, Conquest Hospital, Hastings, and Senior Lecturer BSMS.

I am working as a consultant, Endocrinology and Diabetes at Conquest Hospital, Hastings. I have trained in India and worked in India and Oman before coming to UK. In the UK I have trained in Newcastle upon Tyne and Southampton before taking up my consultant post. I have done my research at Newcastle upon Tyne on insulin treatment in Type 2 diabetes. I have keen interest in medical education and have done my Masters in Medical Education from Brighton University. In addition to my clinical work my other roles include chair, medical division at Conquest Hospital, Career support lead for East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust, Deputy Sub Dean for Brighton and Sussex Medical School and Senior Lecturer at BSMS. I on the executive committee for the Association of British Clinical Diabetologists. I contribute to the British journal of diabetes and vascular disease as a news editor. All this keeps me sane.