The College is pleased to be able to recognise excellence through a number of grants, awards and scholarships which currently include:

Fellowship with Distinction

  • A category of Fellowship created to recognise those already elected to Fellowship who have served the College with distinction over a sustained period of years.

Honorary Fellowship

  • Honorary Fellowship (Hon FRCP Edin) may be conferred on individuals (both medically qualified and non-medically qualified) at the discretion of Council. Generally, such individuals will have made an exceptional contribution to the practice of medicine. Only members of Council may nominate individuals for consideration of this award. As a Royal College, we are privileged that His Majesty King Charles III and Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal are Royal Honorary Fellows. 

Research Grants

Medals and Prizes

Travelling Fellowships and Scholarships

National Honours

The College also makes nominations to the UK National Honours system. 

Named Lectures

Our symposium and events often feature a keynote lecture, named for a key figure in the College's history.

NCIA – National Clinical Impact Awards 3 March – 28 April 2023

The 2023 National Clinical Impact Awards will open for applications on 3 March and the window is currently scheduled to close on 28 April 2023.  Please see the below provisional timetable for further information:

  • 3 March to 28 April 2023 – applications open
  • 29 April to 26 June 2023 – first round scoring
  • 27 June to 4 September – N3 scoring
  • 27 June to 6 November – governance review
  • 5 September to 6 November – NRES scoring
  • end November 2023 – main committee finalisation of recommendations
  • December 2023 – recommendations to and sign off by ministers
  • mid-January 2024 – notifications sent to successful applicants and finance processes initiated to back pay awards
  • mid-January to mid-February 2024 – appeals window open

ACCIA have announced that they no longer plan to seek support or citations from Membership Organisations [MOs].  This is a decision that MOs have challenged but with no success.  Our College continues to encourage Fellows to apply but we now have no formal role in the process.  However, applicants can still seek guidance from any membership organisation.  MOs may review draft applications and provide advice but must not edit or critique the text directly.

2023 guidance for applicants - Applicants' guide: 2023 awards round - GOV.UK (

National Clinical Impact Awards 2022: resources for applicants and employers - GOV.UK (

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the ACCIA Secretariat

Advisory Committee on Clinical Impact Awards
Quarry House, Leeds, LS2 7UE
T: 020 7972 4608 | E:
W: Advisory Committee on Clinical Impact Awards - GOV.UK (

The College is committed to supporting equality and diversity when recognising excellence and making awards. Please see the documents below for more information on this.