Christmas Charity Lecture - Vital Organs

This Christmas Charity Lecture will explore some famous historical body parts, through the eyes of author Suzie Edge.

We’ve always used and abused bodies. We've torn them apart, dug them up, experimented on them or taken bits home as trophies. Body parts have been used for propaganda in wars and pulled off in punishment. They've answered medical mysteries, been turned into relics and even saved lives.

Dr Aidan Haslegrave

I am a graduate of Manchester Medical School, and completed my foundation training in South-East Scotland before working for two years as a medical registrar in New Zealand. Subsequently I returned to Scotland to complete my IMT years in Dundee. I am currently working as a clinical teaching fellow with the SCOTGEM programme and will shortly be commencing Renal specialty training in NHS Tayside. I am a keen interest in developing medical education and have completed my PG Certificate in medical education, as well as involvement in a number of educational programmes. 

Dr Rachel Smith

I graduated from the University of Aberdeen in 2017 and have worked in South-East Scotland since then. I will start geriatric medicine training here in August 2023. I am interested in medical education and supporting career planning. I feel passionate about providing colleagues with a friendly and supportive environment to learn and develop.