Senior Fellows Club Management Committee

The Club is managed by a committee of six, each of whom is in office for three years, who are elected at the Annual General Meeting and serve for a period of three years. The Committee receives a great deal of warm administrative support from the College.


  • Dr Helen Zealley - Chair
  • Professor Nick Bateman - Honorary Secretary
  • Dr Roger Smith - Honorary Treasurer
  • Dr Ronald Fergusson
  • Dr Philip Welsby
  • Dr John Wilson

On our initiative, there is a reciprocity with the Senior Fellows Clubs, or equivalent, of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow and the Royal College of Physicians of London, whereby a retired Fellow or Collegiate Member of one College will be welcomed as a member by the Senior Fellows Club of another should he or she come to live in that other’s area. We would also welcome any retired Fellow or Collegiate Member of the RCPCH or RCPI who comes to live here.

We can also attend each other’s talks, and the members of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh's Senior Fellows Club are additionally welcomed at ours - and vice versa.

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