As part of your College membership you receive immediate access to a wide range of benefits, including our new RCPE Lifestyle rewards:

  • Through the Knowledge Network, those working for NHS Scotland can access a range of educational resources which includes journals from the BMJ and AMA. Visit the Athens website, and enter 'Member of Scottish Royal Colleges' when prompted

  • RCPE Lifestyle Rewards offers you access to preferential rates, exclusive offers and extra value packages on a variety of luxury products, services and experiences

  • Free access to the Education Portal, providing hundreds of hours of clinical and non-clinical content and resources – new material is added each month

  • Save on fees for specialist training, educational events and the hire of College facilities in Edinburgh

  • Receive access to the quarterly Journal of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh 

  • Access a range of services in our excellent Historic Library

  • Access to the Physicians’ CPD app from either the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store

  • Save up to 15% on UpToDate subscriptions. To access this, users will need to log out of UpToDate, and sign into My RCPE to access the discount offer link for UpToDate. When prompted, sign into UpToDate as a returning user, and the discount will be applied upon selecting the associated subscription term.
  • Access to Enhance: Mentoring for Medics, our fully funded mentoring programme