Our Lifetime Fellowship brings you the opportunity to add your professional expertise to our collective voice in influencing the future of healthcare. You can share a career’s worth of experience and insights with colleagues by mentoring future generations of physicians from around the world and help raise standards globally by contributing to our international development work. 

Continuing benefits include:

How to apply

Lifetime Fellowship is open to Fellows who are retired from all remunerative practice.

Those with 10 years’ full Fellowship can become a Lifetime Fellow for a one-off payment of only £799 for UK Fellows and £475 for overseas Fellows at retirement.  A reduced payment may be available for Fellows with 10 years’ full Fellowship who have already paid the Retired Fellows’ Rate of annual subscription for a number of years. As a Lifetime Fellow you will no longer need to pay the annual Retired Fellowship subscription.

We also welcome Fellows who retire who have less than 10 years' full Fellowship - your one-off payment will be calculated on your total Fellowship contributions.

To apply or find out more please email memsubs@rcpe.ac.uk.