The following rates will be applicable for the 2023 Subscription year (1 October 2023 – 30 September 2024).

International Fellowship and Membership Standard Rates

Our system of tiered subscription rates has been introduced using the following country bandings, based on the World Bank Development Indicators. Please access our list of country bandings for details of the countries within each band.

Status Fellowship Associate and Collegiate
Bands A & B £194 £128
Band C £146 £96
Band D £97 £64
Retired* £54 £35

*Lifetime Fellowship is available to existing Fellows of 10 years’ standing at time of retiral, and who are completely retired from remunerative practice, in lieu of future annual retired subscriptions. For Fellows outwith the UK this would take the form of a one-off payment of £475 upon retiral.

International Membership Joining Fees

Status Band A & B Band C Band D
Joining Year (pro-rata)    
Those joining 1 October – 31 March £62 £47 £31
Those joining 1 April – 30 September £31 £24 £16
Note: Applicants joining from 1st to 30th September may pay £62 to be enrolled immediately for the year 2023-24 (up to a month free of charge).
Followed by:      
Reduced Rate Year £103 £78 £52
  • Associate/Collegiate subscriptions are payable in advance on joining the College and at the annual subscription renewal date of 1st October
  • Please note that reduced rates available during ‘Joining’ and ‘Reduced Rate’ years are normally applicable to new Associate or Collegiate member only and are not available to re-joiners or those converting from Associate Membership
  • Following Year 2 of Membership, International Members progress to payment of the appropriate standard rate associated with their country band as above