RR Acquah, A Baggott, C McGoldrick, N Kennedy
Journal Issue: 
Volume 44: Issue 4: 2014



Introduction The 2008 UK National Guidelines for HIV testing were designed in order to decrease the proportion of people living with undiagnosed HIV infection.

Aims Two audits were conducted. The aim of Audit 1 was to determine the proportion of current medical inpatients with an indicator condition that had been tested for HIV. Audit 2 aimed to identify missed opportunities for testing prior to diagnosis among newly diagnosed individuals with HIV.

Methods Audit 1 involved a case note review looking for indicator conditions and HIV testing of all inpatients. Audit 2 analysed the hospital case notes of all new Lanarkshire HIV patients in 2010 for previous missed diagnostic opportunities.

Results In Audit 1, 36% (63/174) of medical inpatients had a current indicator condition. Of the total population, 1.7% (3/174) had what would be an AIDSdefining condition if they had a positive HIV test. However, only 11% (7/63) of individuals were appropriately HIV tested. For Audit 2, 64% (9/14) of newly diagnosed individuals had previous missed opportunities for diagnosis.

Conclusion Increased education of clinical staff around testing guidelines is needed, as we have demonstrated that the 2008 guidelines are not being adhered to.