Dr Myre Sim (1915-2009) was a renowned and published psychiatrist who assisted many individuals and organisations through his long and successful career, in addition to making a major contribution to the medical community. He was brought up and educated in Edinburgh and graduated MBChB from Edinburgh University in 1938. Although he did not remain in Edinburgh to practice medicine, he retained a great fondness for the Edinburgh University Medical School and the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh. He became a Fellow of the College in 1970. During his lifetime Dr Myre Sim made a series of generous donations to the College. These are now administered by the Myre Sim Committee which meets twice a year.

Research and Travel Grants

Up to a maximum of £2,000 is available and is not intended to be salary supporting. Preference is given to those who have not had advantage of an academic or research post in the last five years. Course fees will be paid only in exceptional circumstances such as hardship. A short paper reporting on the research or activity undertaken will be required.


Available to Fellows, Collegiate and Associate members of the College, and to any medical graduates of the University of Edinburgh. Grants are available for any activity which assists a viable research project, including payments for secretarial, library or computer facilities or nursing, laboratory or student assistance. A grant may also be given to assist with travel expenses to attend scientific meetings, courses of postgraduate education, visits to special clinics and other educational activities.    

Nomination and Selection Process

Applications will be considered twice a year. Closing dates for applications are 31 March and 30 September each year. A completed application form (below) should by sent to Sharon Noonan.

Previous recipients

2002 Dr ARL Medford, Dr K Macsween

2003 Dr RJ Ferguson, Dr Brown, Dr Petrie

2004 Dr Ewan Brown, Dr Mohammed Atcha, Dr Kirsty Boyd, Dr Stephens, Dr Watson, Dr Robert Buttery

2005 Mr Roger Thompson

2006 Dr John Gilles, Dr Dorothy Logie, Dr E Stephens, Prof David R Hadden, Dr AS Mat Arshad, Dr Gregory Shabo

2007 Dr Charis Marwick, Dr Neeraj Dhaun, Dr Sujoy Khan, Dr Paul Maddison, Dr Adrian Pace

2008 Dr Hian Liang Huang, Dr David Hall, Prof Raj Bhopal, Dr TP Cassidy, Dr David Davis, Dr Premashis Kar, Dr Ghee Soon Ang

2009 Dr John Gillies, Dr Johann R Selvarajah

2010 Dr Daniel Davies, Dr Katie Marwick

2011 Hannah Isabella Watson

2012 Dr David Coad, Dr Neeraj Dhaun, Dr Andrew Elder

2013 Dr Kian Peng Goh, Dr Siti Aisyah Yaacob

2014 Dr David Iain Jeffrey, Dr Matthew Wilkes, James McCrae, Dr John Gillies

2015 Dr Jeremy Langrish, Dr Michael Lavery, Dr Neeraj Dhaun, Dr Alexander Stockdale, Dr Alisdair McNeill

2016 Dr Andrew Elder, Dr Gemma Alcorn, Dr Naseeb Akhtar

2017 Dr Lindsay Reid, Prof Gareth Williams, Dr Natalie Birch, Dr Christopher Lucas, Dr Lindsay Reid, Dr Giri Shan Rajahram

2018 Dr Player

2019 Dr Chung Soong Khoo, Dr Ho Yan Yvonne Chan, Dr Shareen Forbes, Dr Susan McNeil, Dr Wen Hui Teh

Further Information

Please contact Sharon Noonan 0131 247 3601