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ER McNeill, D Wright, AK Demetriades
Journal Issue: 
Volume 48: Issue 1: 2018




The Deaconess Hospital, Edinburgh, opened in 1894 and was the first establishment of its kind in the UK, maintained and wholly funded as it was by the Reformed Church. Through its 96-year lifetime it changed and evolved to time and circumstance. It was a school: for the training of nurses and deaconesses who took their practical skills all over the world. It was a sanctum: for the sick-poor before the NHS. It was a subsidiary: for the bigger hospitals of Edinburgh after amalgamation into the NHS. It was a specialised centre: as the Urology Department in Edinburgh and the Scottish Lithotripter centre. And now it is currently student accommodation. There is no single source to account for its history. Through the use of original material made available by the Lothian Health Services Archives – including Church of Scotland publications, patient records, a doctor’s casebook and annual reports – we review its conception, purpose, development and running; its fate on joining the NHS, its identity in the latter years and finally its closure.