This annual Prize is named for Sir John Halliday Croom (1909-86), a past President of the College in recognition of his support of the concept of Collegiate Membership. The prize consists of a medal and £250. 


Collegiate members of any UK Royal College of Physicians, resident in the UK.

Application and selection procedure

Applications for this prize are currently closed.
The Prizewinner of the 48th Sir John Halliday Croom Medal will present their lecture at the 2022 Medical Trainees Conference.

Further Information

Any enquiries can be directed to Stephanie Hough.

Previous recipients


1974 Dr El Wardle

1975 Dr E Lloyd

1976 Dr R St Clair Barnetson

1977 Dr IW Campbell

1978 Dr A Parker

1979 Dr MF Sudlow


1980 Dr PMA Calverley

1981 Dr JB Irving

1982 Dr AK Burnett

1983 Dr AG Leitch

1984 Dr NG Dewhurst

1985 Dr GDO Lowe

1986 Dr RP Brettle

1987 Dr AML Lever

1988 Dr R Taylor

1989 Dr SM Crawford


1990 Dr AA Gehani

1991 Dr HJ Alter

1992 Dr AML Lever

1993 Dr Wm Bissett

1994 Dr J McEwan

1995 Dr CM Dayan

1996 Dr S Nicholson

1997 Dr AJ Brady

1998 Dr J Simpson

1999 Dr S Gupta


2000 Dr J Stebbing

2001 Dr D Newby

2002 Dr A Crean

2003 Dr J Knight

2004 Dr J Payne

2005 Dr J Stone

2006 Dr E Pearson

2007 Dr A Horsley

2008 Dr M Eddleston

2009 Dr P Ritches


2010 Dr W Whiteley

2011 Dr D Hunt

2012 Dr T Lee

2013 Dr G Duncan

2014 Dr H Hopkinson

2015 Dr HNY Haboubi

2017 Dr PD Ripley

2018 Dr T Cartlidge

2019 Dr A Chapman


2020 Dr T Miller

2021 Dr U Clancy