At the Annual Meeting of the College held on 30 November 2018, a new category of Fellowship was created to recognise those already elected to Fellowship who have served the College with distinction over a sustained period.  The new category will be known as Fellowship with Distinction, and the College expects to elect one or two highly exceptional Fellows to Fellowship with Distinction each year.  Nominations of suitable qualified Fellows of the College are now invited.


Fellows who have made exceptional and outstanding contributions to the work of the College in one or more capacity, usually as a member of Council, Office Bearer or in other formal College roles, over a sustained period (normally at least 10 years).

Nomination process

  • Two Fellows in good standing may submit a nomination using the Nomination Form.
  • The nomination form includes a section for the proposer to provide information about their nominee’s College roles and details of any other service to the College
  • The nomination form has a section for the proposer to provide a citation in support of their nomination (maximum 150 words). 
  • Seconders may submit their own section of the form separately if preferred.  Scanned signatures may be used.

Deadline for receipt of nominations

The deadline for receipt of completed nomination forms with accompanying CVs is Wednesday 31 July 2019

Selection process

Completed nominations will be considered by the Fellowship Committee in August, and the Committee’s recommendations will go to the September Council meeting for consideration.  Candidates will be reviewed by the Fellowship Committee and Council using the following criteria:

  • Length of service – normally a minimum of 10 years of sustained effort
  • Impact of his/her activity on the work of the College
  • Contributions to the wider profile of the College
  • Contribution to the wider profession of medicine


Please contact Professor Mark Strachan FRCP Edin, Secretary, at: or +44 (0) 131 247 3608.