We strive to ensure our EDI values are upheld across the college. Whilst we have done work to make the College inclusive for all physicians, we understand there is still more to be done. 


We are proud to celebrate our worldwide appeal and international community of physicians and have recently installed new photography on a wall in the upper foyer of the conference to celebrate the welcoming diversity of our Fellows and members' (pictured above).

Committee Representation

Our committees serve to represent all stages of a physician’s career from the Trainee and Members' Committee (with student and Foundation Doctors observers), including supporting the Recently Appointed Consultants' Committee and we also have an active Senior Fellow Club for retired Doctors. Through the EDI group we are aiming to increase the diversity of each Committee.

College Leadership EDI Survey

Recently in 2023, members' of the College's Council and Senior Management Team were invited to complete an  EDI Survey to provide us with information about the diversity of our leadership. 19 members' of Council completed the survey (58%) and 4 members' of SMT (100%). The College will use this information to identify existing gaps or issues and work towards improving them, with regular review.

Slavery Connections

Slavery is barbaric and abhorrent. Colonialism exploited and subjugated millions of people. Both are based on prejudice and discrimination, which this College condemns in all their forms and which have no place in any society past, present or future. The College published a significant report, “Slavery Connections” in late 2021, which demonstrates the College’s commitment to transparency and a culture of openness regarding all aspects of our history, and the historical links of some individuals connected with the College to slavery. College Council agreed to take positive and proactive steps to address the themes raised, ensuring that as an organisation the College does not perpetuate racial discrimination or any inequality. Through the work of the EDI Group, we work to embed these values within the College ethos, future strategy and business plans as appropriate.

College Buildings on Queen Street

We strive to make the College and the events we host welcoming and fully accessible to all. For each College educational event we host at the Collge we offer a private prayer room, breast feeding room and our toilets also has the Grace's Signage to ensure wider inclusiveness use of all.

Young children are welcome at our education events which we strive to make child friendly with toys and games available. One of the ambitions of our recent £4 million refurbishment of the Physicians International Conference centre was to make the building fully accessible- a new lift to the outside of the building was introduced, as well as a new internal lift which allowed an accessible route through the buildings from the Conference centre to the suite of historic rooms. There is a hearing loop installed throughout the auditorium and conference centre and public rooms.

Education Provision

We aim to make our education provision accessible to all our fellows, members' and the wider physisicanly community throughout the world. We host over 70 educational events annually and of these are free or reduced to participate in dependent on career stage and country. Many are hybrid and recorded, allowing participation at a time that suits delegates. The Monthly Evening Medical Updates are livestreamed to hospital where it is free to participate

Our education portal has a wide array of recorded talks which are captioned, and our global health talks are freely available to the public. Our full series of podcasts are available to all and we have some podcasts which are of particular relevance to our EDI work: 

Micro aggressions

Being Trans in the NHS

Women in Cardiology

Less Than Full Time

We organise International Medical updates (IMU) in many countries. These are hosted by the local Regional Advisor and are free to all Doctors and healthcare workers in that country.

When developing our educational programme we ensure the organising committee monitor the programme development in relation to gender balance and through our bespoke EDI work we are continuing to progress to full equality.

Equity of Access

We provide discounted rates to people who may experience barriers to access such as LTFT, retired physicians, and based on World Bank Development Indicators. We provide free membership to refugee doctors. 


We are keen to progress partnerships as part of the  EDI action points from the strategy. Earlier in 2023 we hosted a joint event with the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh on behalf of Academy of Royal Medical Colleges where over 200 women joined together to celebrate ‘Women in leadership’.

Going forward we are developing partnerships with a diverse range of organsations such as Surviving in Scrubs and Melanin Medics. We are also joint-hosting events with inclusive topics such as Transgender Inclusiv Healthcare: Key Concepts and Practical Applications which took place in February 2024. 


Demonstrating our commitment to be involved in conversations, we join international campaigns through social media such as Pride, Black History Month, International Womens Day, Disability Awareness and South Asian Doctor month.

Inspiring Physicians

The College is proud to highlight our Inspiring Physicians project which recognises and highlights the contributions of clinicians today across the world and how they have made an impact on both patients and colleagues alike. Nominations for the project were submitted by our Fellows and Members' and our top ten physicians for 2018 and 2019 can be viewed online along with the statements from those who have proposed them.