ESG supports the Director of Education in developing and delivering the education strategy.  Discussion at group ensures all strands of education are integrated and that there is appropriate and affordable education available to meet the needs of Fellows, Members and Associates of the College.

Chaired by the Director of Education, this group meets three times each year.



Chair: Dr Conor Maguire (Director of Education)

  • Vacant Slot  - Lay Representative
  • Professor Derek Bell - President
  • Professor Sunil Bhandari - International Director
  • Dr Basant Chaudhury  - CPD Director
  • Prof Andrew Collier - Council Representative
  • Dr Peter Reid - Assistant Director, Symposia
  • Dr Jane Goddard  - Secretary, Symposium Committee
  • Dr Anna Brown - Trainees and Members' Committee
  • Dr Marcus Lyall - Trainees and Members' Committee
  • Dr Graeme Currie - Education Section Editor of Journal
  • Dr Ian Chan - Education Section Associate Editor of Journal
  • Dr Tom Mackay - Vice President, Education & Standards
  • Dr Mike Jones - Director of Training
  • Dr Charles Leeson-Payne  - Joint IMPACT Lead
  • Ms Jeanette Stevenson  - Head of Education & Training 
  • Ms Elaine Tait  - Chief Executive Officer