This Forum is comprised of Members and Fellows of the College, and College staff. The Forum meets at least four times a year with the aim of further supporting RCPE’s strategy and aims with particular projects and activities relating to climate change, including air pollution.

RCPE's Mission:

Our mission is to promote and improve the quality of health and patient care worldwide. We will do this by improving accessibility to the profession, developing collaborative partnerships, encouraging innovation and delivering outstanding education, training, quality improvement, and assessment opportunities.

Ten Things a Doctor can do to combat Climate Change1:

  1. Practise preventive medicine
  2. Prescribe carefully
  3. Reduce the investigations you request
  4. Use telephone consultations and low carbon meetings
  5. Reduce use of personal protective equipment
  6. Switch it off
  7. Walk, cycle, or use public transport
  8. Bring your own food and drink (locally produced) in reusable containers
  9. Learn, and audit your practice
  10. Join discussions in your board or trust about the big things.

1. BMJ 2022;379:o2650; 

There is Open Access (free to anyone) e-learning from CAFE on the 10 things a doctor can do to combat climate change on RCPE's Education Portal:

Contact the committee

To contact the Forum at any point, please contact Stephanie Hough in the first instance.