The Quality Governance Collaborative (RCPE QGC) is an independent, neutral, non-governmental body committed to a new approach to governance in health and social care. We bring together multi-professional groups, developing national and international collaborations that aim to highlight issues and improve the practice of quality governance. We work closely with and advise governments, medical royal colleges, board directors, NGOs and other healthcare professionals and individuals involved in the delivery of patient care.

The RCPE QGC undertakes a number of activities to improve governance systems, including our fellowship programme, research publications and policy positions, symposia discussions and direct governance support for health and social care organisations via audits and invited reviews. The RCPE QGC also carries out a suite of public events; these event are visible through our event pages. The next RCPE QGC event is our 2nd Annual International Governance Symposium entitled: CG25 - Health Governance for the Future on June 12th  2024. For further details please click here.

Our ambition is to shape UK and international quality governance practice, and ensure that health systems continue to deliver for patients.

Applications are open for the 2025/26 Fellowship Programme.

The RCPE QGC and the World Health Organization have the below joint working definition of Excellence in Quality Governance: 

"The means by which all institutions and organisations involved in the design and delivery of healthcare translate health policy into clinical practice and management in order to improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare.

‘The ability to ask the right questions and to implement the right mechanisms to ensure the organisation discharges its duties in line with its purpose and with focus on good clinical practice."

Right Question – Right Answer – Right Time – Right Outcome

Scope of the RCPE QGC

  • Neutral centre for debate and development in the field of quality governance
    • School of Governance in alliance with the WHO
    • RCPE forum for Quality Governance
  • Alignment of excellence in governance practice across different sectors – nationally and internationally
  • Suite of symposia/ debates led by the College and hosting leaders from the international governance and clinical community
  • Dedicated Quality Governance Fellowship Programme
  • Unique national and international fellowship in governance in alliance with the WHO
    •  Four UK cohorts and two international cohorts
    •  Excellence in Governance learning set for Chairs & Executive directors
  • RCPE QGC / WHO - a developed joint working definition of excellence in quality governance
  • Advises governments and boards on quality governance issues
  • Governance Boards/ organisational/ clinical reviews by invitation
  • Annual international Quality Governance conference
  • International governance learning set, aligned to EHM

- The RCPE QGC Scope is available for download here.


The Quality Governance Collaborative has a clear governance structure that encompasses the QGC faculty, the QGC Steering Board, College President and Council as well as contributions from the College's External Relations & Policy department and our international partnerships. A clear breakdown can be seen here.

Special Thanks

The Quality Governance Collaborative would like to extend its sincerest gratitude to Sir Alan Langlands, Sir William Wells, Prof Sir Liam Donaldson and Dame Denise Coia who have all been fundamental throughout the conceptualisation and development of the RCPE QGC and have generously continued to support and contribute to the RCPE QGC vision.

We would also like to extend special thanks to Prof Derek Bell, Past President of the College, for initiating and supporting the development of the Quality Governance Collaborative.

Quality Governance Collaborative Seminar Series

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