Further Information: 

I was born and raised in Myanmar and graduated in 2017 from the Yangon University of Medicine (2). After graduating, I began working as a postgraduate resident at Pun Hlaing Hospitals. I now have five years of clinical experience, which has solidified my decision to build a strong academic foundation in order to pursue a career in internal medicine.

I am also interested in music, and my childhood dream was to become a famous singer. But, as a medical doctor, I want to be a conductor in a medical orchestra team so that I can communicate and balance everything as a physician.

I am confident that this internal medicine program will allow me to broaden my clinical knowledge and work as a physician in the internal medicine department. I also believe that completing this program will complement the steps I need to take to finish my membership in the Royal College of Physicians, of which I have already completed the first part.

I am extremely grateful and honored to have been chosen as a scholarship recipient from the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh to attend this internal medicine program in order to complete my current career goal, progress to the next, and eventually become the physician that I have always desired to be.