Further Information: 

My medical career started in home, South Africa, where I completed my medical training at the University of Cape Town. After my studies I continued to work in South Africa for 3 years before moving to the UK to further my medical training and I am currently an internal medicine trainee in London.

My aspirations are to become an acute medicine specialist and pursue further education (a PhD) so that I can become more involved in research as well as the education and training of future generations of doctors in South Africa. I see this MSc as a key step in my journey and a foundation my career can rest on.

The MSc programme has been a fantastic experience which has improved my clinical practice and research skills greatly. It has been a time of personal growth; despite working on the frontlines of the NHS during the COVID-19 pandemic I have managed to keep up to date with my course deadlines, online tutorials and revision.

I believe my development has not only been beneficial to my patients, but will have an evenĀ  greater impact as I pass on these knowledge and skills to my colleagues ultimately benefiting more patients. In fact, after my MSc is complete, I would also like to enrol in a teaching diploma to help me better pass on this knowledge to others.

I am honoured to have been chosen as a RCPE scholarship recipient.