Breakout session D – Using the Three Horizons Approach to design transformative innovations in healthcare
Delivered by Dr Margaret Hannah, Director of Public Health, NHS Fife
At Life as a Consultant Symposium: Friday 16 March 2018

The Three Horizons Approach helps generate insight into challenges we face in healthcare systems with the aim of taking steps to radically improve their effectiveness.  Taking time to locate health services in a bigger landscape of change helps identify areas to work on.  Moving through the conversational approach individuals begin to assess where they are now (First Horizon) and where they want to be in the future (Third Horizon) and look for examples of that aspirational future in the present anywhere in the world where this might be happening (Third Horizon in the present).  These examples can provide useful learning and inform approaches to innovation with the aim of transforming the effectiveness of healthcare (Second Horizon).   

Second Horizon innovation steps are not always easy to take. They often challenge existing assumptions about the culture of care and whose needs are being met by the way it is currently configured.  This may mean starting small and learning from an iterative cycle of innovation.  

A further step in enabling innovation of this kind is being clear what is essential to keep from the First Horizon into the future.  The rest can be decommissioned as part of a transitional strategy to enable the Third Horizon to grow to its full potential.  

Using a structured Three Horizons conversation helps generate fresh thinking.  More details about the resource are available for download and in kit format.

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