Further Information: 

I am a medical doctor from Eritrea, where I earned my MD degree in 2015, ranking the first in class. Subsequently, I worked as a general practitioner in Internal Medicine in the national referral hospital and as a graduate assistant in the affiliated medical school. Being both a clinician and an academic, I had the opportunity to expand my expertise in clinical medicine and, at the same time, realize my genuine inclination in the field.

Currently, I work as a registrar of Internal Medicine at Sudan Medical Specialization Board. My career goal is to be an internist and a kidney physician. Hand in hand, I aim to keep engaging in medical research and matters of public health concern.

I am confident that this online training in Internal Medicine will facilitate the achievement of my career goals. The world-class education from a renowned university will equip me to be perfectly qualified to provide high standard clinical and other services that benefit the community.

I am extremely grateful to RCPE for the full scholarship award. This is an enormous motivator by itself to carry on.