Further Information: 

I am an advanced practice provider based in the United States. I have a Master of Science in Nursing, and Bachelor of Science degrees in both Nursing and Molecular and Cellular Biology. I have been in practice as a primary care clinician for 8 years, and a nurse for 17 years. For much of my advanced practice career I have worked with non-profit organizations and underserved populations. That focus continues in my current role as a primary care provider at an integrated behavioral health center. My patient panel largely consists of socioeconomically vulnerable residents with serious mental illness and/or substance use disorder. To improve health outcomes, I believe there should be a multifaceted approach that includes a strong emphasis on healthcare inequities and preventative care. I am not the typical Internal Medicine applicant as I do not have a medical degree, so I am particularly fortunate and appreciative of the opportunity to learn with physician colleagues at this world-renowned learning institution. Completing the Internal Medicine MSc degree will reinforce my clinical analysis skills, broaden my ability to manage complex patients and address health disparities, as well as improve my understanding of how to translate research into practice. I am humbled and thankful beyond words that the RCPE committee has selected me as a recipient of the 2021 Scholarship to help further my career goals!

Jameela Ameen, MSN,NP-C