In preparation for your appraisals you should provide details of all formal complaints since your last appraisal. You should include a summary of the main issues and how they have been dealt with and a personal reflection on this. If you have not received any formal complaints since the last appraisal, you can make a self-declaration to that effect. Formal complaints may relate to your team and reflections on such a complaint would still be useful at your appraisal. Your reflection should consider actions taken, learning gained and if required, items for your Personal Development Plan. 

Compliments are defined as unsolicited comments on the quality and success of your work or that of your team. You can provide a summary of these for your appraisal reflecting on their contribution to your learning. You do not need to include all compliments in your summary and you may opt not to present details of any compliments during your appraisal – this should not hinder your progress towards revalidation.

Specific guidance on both complaints and compliments can be found in guidance for physicians. The Academy Reflective Template for Revalidation may also be a helpful tool for reflection. Templates for compliments and complaints can be found on the 'tools and guidance' page of this website.

If you find it difficult to access data on your complaints and compliments, (for example locums and SAS doctors) keeping a personal record of any complaints and compliments throughout the year may help. Requesting administrative support from employers or locum agencies may help.  If you have any concerns or queries, you could speak to your Responsible Officer or appraiser, the College helpdesk or to the GMC’s helpline (tel: +44 (0)161 923 6277; email: