According to The Medical Profession (Responsible Officers) Regulations 2010, designated bodies are: 

  • Organisations that provide healthcare
  • Organisations that set standards and policy for the delivery of healthcare
  • Some specialist organisations that employ or contract with doctors. 

The majority of designated bodies have a Responsible Officer (RO) in place.

Each doctor can only have one prescribed connection to a designated body and RO. In the majority of circumstances, the prescribed connection is where you do most of your clinical work. If you are employed by an NHS organisation but work for another organisation for contracted sessions (e.g. hospice, independent hospital), your prescribed link will be to the NHS organisation and their RO, regardless of how much of your time is spent outside of the NHS. 

To identify your designated body and RO, you need to set up a GMC online account.  

The GMC website has a full list of designated bodies. You can also find your designated body by using the GMC’s online tool.  

If under the revalidation section of your account there are no details already in the system for your designated body you need to follow the instructions to confirm it. 

Once you have confirmed your designated body, your RO should help you to identify a suitable appraiser.

If you do not have a connection to any organisation classed as a designated body you should make the GMC aware of your circumstances using your GMC online account.

If you cannot find a Responsible Officer, it may also be possible to identify a ‘suitable person’.  For more information please see the GMC's advice on suitable persons.