Breakout session C: Effective Leadership: Don’t wait for the blue lights!
Delivered by Dr Chris McKenna, Clinical Director for Emergency Medicine, NHS Fife
At Life as a Consultant Symposium: Friday 16 March 2018

Top 10 things I wish I had known before...........

•    Be brave, effective leadership is challenging
•    To be respected if often far more important than being liked
•    Be prepared and do your research
•    Use data where appropriate
•    Recognise when you need support and use it, you are never alone
•    Have a good awareness of regulations and always follow due process
•    Read and be aware of local conduct and capability policies
•    Be prepared to hear the whole story. Avoid jumping to conclusions.
•    Don’t always seek out the perfect solution. Compromise is always better than nothing. Accept that you are not infallible
•    Remember the 4 quadrants of concern- conduct, capability, relationships and governance

Many issues with leadership can be caused by a lack of communication, conflict between colleagues and competency of the leaders themselves. To ensure effective leadership, remember to recognise the smoke before the fire to avoid being overwhelmed and also avoid being placed in uncomfortable situations. It is important to also understand the local and national protocols when being in a leadership position. If needed, ask for additional training and coaching to ensure that your own methods are up to date as well as new guidance.