Further Information: 

I am a doctor from India who has recently completed my training in General Medicine from a reputed medical college here. I currently hold a teaching post in a medical college where I get to interact with and influence the trajectory of education of a few hundred medical students in a year. So apart from the training that I have already received, I felt the need to develop teaching competencies that are more in line with the changing face of medicine across the globe. Hence I have chosen to undergo this online training in Internal Medicine, with the hope of being trained by the best in the field and also with the hope that I can translate the same to better teaching practices in my work place.

I am very happy to have been granted this scholarship from the Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh and I am eternally grateful to my teachers and seniors who have encourage me in every quest for knowledge. I hope that this course will open my mind to the best practices in Internal Medicine through interactions with some of the world leaders in the field.