Dr Myre Sim (1915-2009) was a renowned and published psychiatrist who assisted many individuals and organisations through his long and successful career, in addition to making a major contribution to the medical community. He was brought up and educated in Edinburgh and graduated MBChB from Edinburgh University in 1938. Although he did not remain in Edinburgh to practice medicine, he retained a great fondness for the Edinburgh University Medical School and the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh. He became a Fellow of theCollege in 1970.

During his lifetime Dr Myre Sim made a series of generous donations to the College, one of which funds the Collegiate Members Prize, a biannual award of £1000 for the best article published in a high rank peer review journal. Additional prizes may also be made as runners up.


Open to Collegiate Members of the College.

Nomination and Selection Process

Shortlisting and selection is performed by the Myre Sim Committee.

Previous recipients


1st Prize

2002 Dr Laura Gates

2005 Dr Li Fern Hsu

2007 Dr Daniel Menzies

2009 Dr Nicholas Mills

2011 Dr Eoin McKinney

2013 Dr Nazir Lone

2015 Dr Christopher Lucas

Runner up prizes

2005 Dr Nick Cruden

2007 Dr Balasubramanian Ravikumar

2009 Dr Andrew Conway Morris, Dr David Breen

2011 Dr DPSS de Silva

2013 Dr Christopher Lucas, Dr Jyothis George

2015 Dr David Ripley, Dr Hui Sian Tay, Dr Yahia Zakaria Bashier Iman

Further Information

Please contact Stephanie Hough 0131 247 3687.