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DR Hadden
Journal Issue: 
Volume 36: Issue 3: 2006




Obstetric  medicine  is  a  branch  of  general  internal  medicine  which requires  a  defined  training  programme  and  a  formal  curriculum.   There  is  still uncertainty among physicians about this specialty, and there is no recognised entry pathway  through  the  UK  Colleges  of  Physicians.  Obstetricians  have  been  more aware  of  the  need  for  specific  medical  skills  both  before  gestation, and  during pregnancy, labour  and  the  puerperium, and  have  introduced  a  training  module  in Maternal Medicine as an extension of obstetric training.  There is now a demand from trainee physicians for an appropriate programme which bridges the artificial divide  between  internal  medicine  and  pregnancy-related  medicine.  This  demand has a long-established historical basis, but is now a contemporary problem which needs to be addressed.