In a sea haar at Alnmouth, 2008
On Cramond Island, March 2015
On Cramond Island, March 2015
On Siros, Greece, 2011

The Club has a very active hillwalking group of over 60 members which arranges monthly, weekday walks from March to November. These are led by members of the group and are of minimal or moderate difficulty, typically of around seven miles and with ascents of no more than 400 metres.

Usually 10-15 members participate at any one time, friends are welcome and a few members of the Senior Fellows Club of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh often join the group.

A number of walking holidays in the UK and abroad have been organised, usually under a professional leader who arranges accommodation and transport. A copy of this year’s programme can be accessed below. Some images of the group’s activities are illustrated.