The College is here to support you throughout your career to enable you to deliver the highest standards of healthcare to patients.

Our role

We help qualified doctors to pursue their careers in specialist (internal) medicine through medical examinations, education and training. We also provide resources and information to support and facilitate professional development for physicians throughout their careers.

The College helps to develop standards of medical care and training, and influences health policy. We ensure that the views and practical clinical experiences of our membership are taken into account by health policymakers throughout the UK.

Our Strategy to 2021 sets out how we will support the profession to deliver the gold standard in healthcare.

Our reach

We have a strong UK and international presence with over 13,000 Fellows and Members in over 100 countries, covering 54 medical specialties and interests.

The College is governed by a Council, College Laws, Royal Charter and specific committees.

Our strategy

Our Strategy to 2021 sets out our journey for the next five years and how we will support the profession to deliver the gold standard in healthcare provision.

We will be guided by our values – to be Inclusive, Representative, Responsive, Supportive, Innovative, Excellent and Accessible - and inspired by our potential. We will build on our successes of the past, embracing our heritage while always looking towards the future.

Our mission is to enable physicians and their teams to deliver the gold standard in healthcare. Our vision is to be the ‘College of Choice’ for physicians and related specialties internationally.

In order to achieve this, the College’s aims over the next five years are to:

  • Promote excellence through evidence-based medical practice, research and policy
  • Improve public health and healthcare through international partnerships with multi-disciplinary clinicians and the public
  • Be the professional voice of physicians
  • Achieve international recognition as an innovator in medical education, training and standards
  • Share and promote our medical heritage

Our seven strategic objectives will progress our aims over the next five years. We will:

  • Deliver a varied education and training programme traditionally and virtually, expanding our reach and influence as an educator.
  • ​Deliver progressive quality improvement programmes and expand academic partnerships.
  • Expand the impact of the through the opinions and expertise of Fellows and Members and through public engagement.
  • ​Collaborate and innovate with UK partners in medical training, assessment and CPD.
  • Influence UK health policy to improve healthcare for patients.
  • ​Deliver bespoke exhibition facilities and a programme of events to promote our heritage.
  • Deliver a resilient business model to underpin existing activity and new opportunities.

The College is here to represent the profession and be your collective voice.  We hope you will join us on our journey.

Publications & Reports

 We produce a number of regular publications including -