The College is pleased to be able to recognise excellence through a number of grants, awards and scholarships which currently include:

Research Grants

  • JMAS Sim Fellowship: funding research into depressive illness - open to any graduate in Medicine/Science.
  • Lindsay Bequest and Reid Trust: funding research into mental and physical health - open to all.
  • Myre Sim Fund: Bursaries - open to medical students of the University of Edinburgh; Research and Travel Grants - open to Fellows, Collegiate Members,  Associate Members, and medical graduates of the University of Edinburgh.

Medals and Prizes

Travelling Fellowships and Scholarships

National Honours

The College also makes nominations to the UK National honours system. If you would like to suggest a potential nominee please complete the form below and return to Elaine Tait by Thursday 27 April 2017.

The College is committed to supporting equality and diversity when recognising excellence and making awards.  Please see the documents below for more information on this.