Vote of Thanks at the Annual Guest Lunch, 2013
Vote of Thanks at the Annual Guest Lunch

Approaching retirement?

If, as a College Fellow or Member, you are approaching retirement or have recently retired, these pages will tell you about our Senior Fellows Club and hopefully entice you to join. They may also be of interest to other Medical Royal Colleges.

Club activities

A lively conversation at the Guest Lunch Exhibition, 2015
A lively conversation at the
Guest Lunch Exhibition

The Club organises a monthly programme of lectures and occasional social events and has a very active hillwalking group. It also supports wider College activities such as the sponsorship of academic prizes for medical trainees and the donation of funds to the Library.

How the Club started

The Senior Fellows Club was formed in 1992 by a group of retired Edinburgh hospital physicians, keen to continue to meet and retain something of the fellowship and esprit de corps that had sustained them throughout their professional lives. In this venture, they had the wholehearted support of the College.

The Club has since grown to an appreciated club of over 200 members, enjoying friendly meetings, interesting lectures and highly sociable events.