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Fellow of both the Royal Society of Edinburgh and the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, Dr Reginald Passmore specialised in biochemistry and physiology throughout his army career in India and at the Edinburgh Medical School. While working as a physician for five years in the Indian Army, Passmore was promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel and Director of the Nutritional Research Laboratories. On his return to the UK, Passmore became known as an eminent physiologist and researcher and published a seminal textbook, Human Nutrition and Dietetics and over 115 papers. As Scientific Editor for the College, Passmore edited over twenty years of editions of the Chronicle (now Proceedings), the Tercentenary Congress Proceedings and the bicentenary book on William Cullen.


  • Date of interview: January 1996
  • Archive reference: OBJ/ORA/1/34
  • Interviewer: Martin Eastwood


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