COVID-19 has affected millions of people worldwide. The Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh recognises that the global coronavirus pandemic has had a particularly significant impact on the lives of medical and healthcare professionals, and that these effects will continue to manifest over the long-term. Therefore, the College has embarked upon a COVID-19 archiving project, aiming to capture and preserve the experiences of healthcare professionals living and working through the pandemic.

Here, you can find information about the College’s ongoing COVID-19 archiving project, along with material contributed by a wide variety of healthcare workers. These contributions, which include diaries, photographs, and interviews, provide an important record of the professional and personal impact of the pandemic on healthcare workers. They are vital in ensuring that future generations, researchers, and historians are able to comprehend the experiences of medical professionals during this challenging moment in history.

The College is still encouraging individuals from all areas of healthcare to contribute their stories of COVID-19. Further information on how to take part can be found in our “Contribute your story” page. If you have any questions, please contact Daisy Cunynghame (