Consultant Physician in Private Practice
Designatory Letters: 
MB Hong Kong 1974, MRCP Irel 1981, FHKCP 1987, FHKAM 1993, FRCP Edin 1999

[Contributed by Teresa Chan]

Dr. Iu Kau Chan, born on 14 September, 1949, was the third son of a family of four boys. He was top student in his primary and secondary years at La Salle College. His brilliance and diligence secured him a position in the medical school of the University of Hong Kong, where he graduated in 1974. He gave up surgery for internal medicine because of latex allergy and was later elected MRCP (UK, Ireland), FRCP (Edinburgh) and Fellow of The Hong Kong College of Cardiology. He had worked in several government hospitals, including Grantham and Queen Elizabeth Hospital. He started his private practice in the 80s.

Dr. Chan was also an all-round athlete. He was adept at playing any sport with any equipment: tennis, hockey, lacrosse, softball and cricket. He had won the first tennis championship for La Salle College and under his leadership as Sports Captain in the university days, Ricci Hall won the most prestigious and fought after award - the Malayan Cup. His passion for sports was channelled to golf in his later years.

Dr. Chan was a remarkable doctor. He was a good tutor to juniors and was friendly to colleagues, nurses, patients, ward orderlies and staff. He was highly respected for his patience, professionalism and kindness to his patients and was much appreciated for his charitable work at The Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions in the past 30 years, providing healthcare to the poor and needy without asking for fame or money.

Dr. Chan unfortunately died suddenly during a round of golf at Kau Sai Chau Golf Course, Hong Kong, on 17 February, 2010. It was a shock to all of us, but the only consolation was that he died without suffering, in the arms of his beloved wife while playing his favourite sport.

Dr. Chan was survived by his wife, Teresa, daughter, Dawn and son, Leo.