Commenting on the publication of a new report, Brexit and health and social care— people & process, Professor Derek Bell, President of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, said:

“Much remains to be clarified about the impact of Brexit on issues such as our NHS workforce; research; freedom of movement; medicines; and implications for public health. The report recognises these challenges and I welcome the Committee’s acknowledgment that fundamental health concerns should be at the “front and centre of the British negotiating priorities”.

“The College particularly welcomes the Committee’s comments on the high value that should be placed on the health and social care workforce from EU nations. Given the current shortfalls being experienced in staffing in both the health and social care sectors, the government must clarify its intentions on the ability of EU nationals to work in health and social care roles in the UK. Specifically this needs to be addressed so that EU staff who are currently working in the NHS feel valued for their significant contribution and do not decide to leave to work in other countries.

The College calls on the next UK Government to ensure that the voice of medical professionals is recognised by policy makers at the heart of these negotiations.”


  1. More details of the inquiry, including the transcripts of evidence received, and the call for evidence, can be found on the Committee's webpage.
  2. The evidence submitted by the College can also be found on the Committee's website.


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