Revalidation experiences

    The GMC appointed UK Medical Revalidation Evaluation coLLAboration (UMbRELLA) published an interim report in 2016 on Shaping the future of medical revalidation.  This focuses on the results of a survey of licensed doctors and includes feedback from a number of patient and public representatives. The study is due to conclude in 2018.

    The GMC regularly publishes operational data reports (link is external) about the revalidation decisions they have made and these are available by country.

    NHS England have published 'Information Flows to support medical governance and responsible officer statutory function' (2016) which aims to promote improvements to the way information about a doctor should be shared and flow within the clinical governance, medical revalidation and appraisal processes.

    Impact of revalidation on the lives of consultants

    This project, led by the College, explored how revalidation may affect other important aspects of the work of consultants and SAS doctors in Scotland and the North of England.

    The project report is available and in addition to providing information about how doctors use their time, it includes key messages of direct relevance to revalidation.